Wanna Be Einstein? Memory Improvement Tips

How to improve your memory

Wondering how to improve your memory? Memory is one of the most important part in our life and we need it so much to process information we got in our life. Howevet, there is no one who can predict precisely the future and what wil happen at that time. It is why we need to keep our body always healthy, including our mind. It is very important to keep the mind healthy. We can do this through many ways and improving memory is just one step from so many steps in improving our memory. The following are simple steps everyone should do in improving memory.

Healthy food for your brain

First thing that everyone should do in order to have improved memory is consuming healthy brain nutrion. Although it has the name as brain nutrition, we stil can find the same nutrition needed by other parts of our body. They include fat, protein, carbohydrate, mineral, vitamin, electrolyte, minerals etc. However, you should beware of the fat. Always remember to consume healthy fat in the right dose to keep the bad cholesterol away.

Sleep well to improve your memory

Next, you should concern about the sleep. Take enough and appropriate time to sleep. It is true that our body, especially our brain need some rest after having activities, but taking inappropriate rest wil result in declining memory capability. A good combination of when to take and how long to take a sleep will result in better and increasing memory power.

More oxygen!

The next point is about increasing oxygen and nutrition flow to the brain. The only thing you can do to achieve this is by having regular and increasing physical exercise. You should always remember that every time you train your body while having physical exercise, at the same time you also train your brain.

This is because during the physical exercise, you push your metabolism to work harder and more effectively. Since the body works harder, it also needs more oxygen. This is what your body deliver to all parts of your body, including tne brain and the memory part. You also increase the blood flow during the physical exercise which deliver nutrition to the brain. Take this good combination and you will see the memory improvement.

Memory relaxation

Now, we should have some relaxation moment for the memory. Take a fun and happy moment with your friends or close relatives. This is important because every time you become happy, the brain release some relaxation hormones which reduce the stress in your neuro system.

This means that every time you feel the happines, your nerve systems get more ebergy to work and therefore create more neuro path and synapsis. This is where you place your memory. You will be able to improve your memory better if you have more neuro path and synapsis.

Reduce stress

In the other side, more stresses mean less places for memory. This is because the nerve system is always in stressful condition which reduce the posibility of new neuro paths and synapsis created. Do not let them hit you if you still want to improve your memory. Try to smile and laugh on everything funny. This will help you not only in enjoying life but in improving your memory.

Memory exercises

The other thing you should do in order to improve your memory power is by taking some memory exercises. There are so many brain workouts out there and you can choose what you like. However, there are some brain workouts, which are simple and very affordable, that can help you in in improving your memory. They help you mostly in 3 ways, so not direct help.

First, the workout will give you some raw information. This information can be anything and means anything, too. Then, get to the next step. You should make your brain the work by processing the information and convert it into precious data. This is the most difficult part. Try to focus at this part and you may succeed at last. At this part, you will learn how to process information into data. Processing the information can be more difficult if you do not know how to do it. You may need to combine some information and create some references before you can get the data.

There are some games that can provide you with this activity, such as Sudoku and crossword puzzle. You may have known both of them and understand their complexity. It is their way to train your brain and your way to improve your memory. It may be difficult for the first time, but after some time, you will get used to it.

The other brain workouts you can try to improve your memory is by taking some IQ tests. The test itself made to train the brain and improve the memory. There are several parts of the brain and all of them is very useful in improving the memory. You can try to work on some mathematical questions to get know your brain and memory capacity in handling numbers. The other tests you may take are language and picture analyzing tests.

The language test will help you to improve your memory especially in handling words and languages. The other test, picture recognition test, will help you in analyzing picture. There may be little tests at this part, but all of them made to analyze your capability in analyzing various pictures with various problems.

The other test may be difficult. This test made to analyze and improve the memory especially in handling with audio. This is not only about hearing to the voices and then write the texts down, but the most important is how to get precious data from so many information given by the audio. This will train the brain and improve the memory, especially in choosing and deciding whether the information is a data or not.
The above tests and steps are what people can do to improve their memory. An improved memory is very important. An improved memory will determine whether someone can live their life and face it by bringing solutions over problems.

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